Forbes Magazine | Holiday The Label Drops First Ever Knitwear Range With Escapism In Mind

We spoke to Angela Lei for Forbes Magazine on our new Knitwear collection. 
Read the full feature online here | Written by Angela Lei

Summer is still in full swing, but the real trendsetters know the season for fall fashion has arrived. Holiday the Label, the Australian unisex fashion brand known for its eclectic designs and loyal VIP followings including Kourtney Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, launches its first ever knitwear collection on August 10, just in time for you to plan a stylish autumn.

Inspired by the brand’s classic prints and ’70s-era rugs, Holiday the Label introduces a new colorway of its iconic Happy Hawaii print as well as a new print. The brand’s new range, featuring a knit pullover, dress, bike shorts and pants, is made to stretch and mold to your body. The brand’s founder and designer Emma Mulholland speaks to me about the newest addition to the cult label.

Angela Lei: What led to Holiday the Label’s launch of knitwear and what’s the inspiration behind this new collection?

Emma Mulholland: We love the versatility of knitwear and how it stretches and moves to your shape. As we are quite well known for our pants we wanted to develop a super comfortable cotton/elastane blend to offer a super comfortable version of our much-loved rigid cotton style — the new shapes are super flattering and makes you feel like you are wearing yoga or tracksuit pants when you definitely aren’t. We were inspired by 1970s bath towels and rugs for the print and colorways. We bought in a few of our signature prints and colorways but also put a few new spins on them. 

AL: What are your favorite pieces in this collection?

EM: I have been living in the pink/orange circle check pants and jumper, wearing them as a set. They brighten up my day and you are guaranteed to be asked about it wherever you wear it. I’m also looking forward to it heating up in Australia so I can wear the bike shorts

AL: How would you describe Holiday the Label’s aesthetics in three words? What’s your personal style? 

EM: Colorful, eclectic, balanced. I love color and print but also like to pair things black with simple classic pieces and accessories like denim. I love great cuts that flatter your shape and don’t keep you adjusting yourself all day. I think finding good quality clothing with the right fitting can make dressing everyday much easier. 

AL: Who do you see as the ideal audience for your designs? 

EM: I love seeing all sorts of people enjoy the brand. I never set out to cater to one specific type of customers and its always great to see the variety of people wearing my designs.

AL: What’s your view on sustainability and gender fluidness? What’s your view on the direction fashion industry is taking?

EM: I think both are very important for the future of fashion. We are always taking steps to improve and be as transparent as possible. We are certainly not perfect but learning and developing is the best way forward. A large part of our sustainability ethos is to never over produce and to use all our excess fabrics to make other things such as face masks, toys and oven mitts. We are moving forward in terms of gender fluidness too — several items are already genderless and we are releasing more in the near future. 

AL: What’s next for you and for Holiday the Label? 

EM: Hopefully some real holidays and travel! We are also excited to be launching denim later in the year and have some fun collaborations coming up.