On Holiday with Mya


We went on holiday to Italy with our favourites Mya and Imogene Barron. 

We chat to them about their summer style, vacationing and summer soundtracks...

Favourite look?
The all brown was so cute, with the baby tee
Best thing you ate?
Homemade gnocchi and beef ragu 😩💭💗
Best place you swam?
The first location! 
Soundtrack to summer?
I have a summer playlist on Spotify that has a lot of 90s r'n'b and light rap, but I also think most of the time you can’t go wrong with old school dancehall.
Your scent of summer?
Sun cream 
Early morning swims or late night drinks?
Late night drinks 
Cocktail of choice?
Mojito always 
Favourite all time summer location?
Anywhere with sun, sea and sand! 
Our summer is just beginning in Aus, what is your hottest summer styling tip?
I think airflow around your feet is pretty important to stay cool. Get a cool pair of sandals.
Bikini or full peice swimmer?
Kokomo or Vacation?