Take a listen to how it all began with a backstage pass to all things Emma Mulholland On Holiday - with Emma herself. Accompanied by a few sneaky teasers of exciting things to come.
Thank you for all your support - we couldn't be on holiday without you.
"Emma Mulholland, the founder of the fashion brand Emma Mulholland On Holiday, discusses her journey in the fashion industry and the evolution of her brand. 
She talks about her childhood growing up in coastal Australia and her early interest in fashion. Emma shares her experience of starting her label and the challenges she faced. She also discusses the unique aesthetic of Holiday, which is influenced by surf-wear culture and aims to bring the carefree feeling of a holiday into everyday wear.
Emma emphasises the importance of community and collaboration in her brand, and how she has cultivated a sense of family among her friends and supporters.
She also talks about the growth and maturity of the brand, while still maintaining its playful and fun identity. We discuss her experience with Fashion Week and the inspiration behind her brand, EM on Holiday. She talks about staying true to her brand identity and the challenges of navigating trends."
- Arielle Thomas