At home with Emma!

In search of a holiday at home? Earlier this month the Real Living team visited Emma Mulholland at her home. Read the full interview below - 

‘BORING’ AND ‘AVERAGE’ ARE WORDS THAT SIMPLY aren’t in designer Emma Mulholland’s vocabulary. From her quirky and daring fashion line to the kaleidoscope of colours in her Bellevue Hill apartment, Emma loves pushing boundaries and breaking the mould. It comes as no surprise, then, that the apartment she owns with her fiancé, Gareth Budge, has an unusual past.

The 1930s building, now split into seven apartments, used to be home to wealthy owners, and the area that is now Emma’s abode was once the servants’ quarters. “I guess they lived lavishly,” jokes Emma. While the apartment has one bedroom and one bathroom, it’s far from cramped. The open-plan layout feels roomy while the use of a split-level design, with stairs leading down to the bedroom and walk-in wardrobe, increases the sense of space.

 Some of Emma’s favourite features of the home are the original, decorative details. In the bathroom, a border of green tiles is embossed with a possum motif – an adorable touch that adds visual interest.

“I love the vintage tiling and I’ve always wanted a bathtub, so I’m stoked,” she says.

Having spent a fair amount of time in share- house kitchens, Emma is grateful to have her own kitchen and dining area. “It’s nice and open, with natural light,” she adds.

While the home was in good condition, Emma and Gareth made a few small changes to make sure the space worked for their lifestyle. They collaborated with designers Daniel To and Emma Aiston to create a custom dining table. Situated in a nook off the kitchen, the table was designed in a triangular shape. While unusual, this shape is ideal for entertaining friends and family, as it allows more people to fit in the space. The walls, which had been finished in a dated off-white cream, were updated with coats of Dulux Vivid White. “It’s modern, fresh and clean now,” Emma says. The change to a crisper white also meant Emma was able to be adventurous when it came to her colourful decor. The result is a home filled with a sense of adventure and personality, which manages to surprise without ever overwhelming.