We spoke to Roxy Lola for 10 Magazine on our new Knitwear collection. 
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Emma Mulholland's Holiday the Label continues to reign as the ultimate vacay-fantasy-summer-loving label. Now, there's Holiday knitwear. Inspired by the classic tropical prints and vivid '70s rugs, the collection features knit dresses, bike shorts, pants and sweaters. The sweet spot. We spoke to Emma about the new collection and the evolution of Holiday:

Holiday the Label knitwear - we love it! What was your mission with this knitwear collection? 

“We love how versatile knitwear can be. The lockdowns have brought comfort dressing to the forefront of fashion, we wanted to create something fun that you still felt cute in while being as comfortable as you would be in your sweats.”

What do you love about the fit of this knitwear? 

“It hugs you in all the right places while relaxing in others. The cotton/elastane blend is firm enough to feel flattering and form-fitting, the wool jumpers are our slightly more ‘cosy’ piece.”

How is this knitwear sustainable?

“Knitwear is great because there is no excess waste as the styles are just knitted into the shape. Regular cut and sew pieces there is always a lot of leftover fabric - we love to make this fabric into oven mitts and toys. We also always strive to make our pieces as high quality as possible so you will love and wear them for years to come.” 

Do you have a favourite piece? 

“I love the pink/orange circle check set but I’m also keen on it warming up to wear the bike shorts out and relive the 90s teen dream.”

What’s the soundtrack to this knitwear collection? 

“The B52’s”

We love the campaign. What was on your mood board for this collection - films, books etc? 

“Bath and Beach towels from the 60s and 70s. Estate sales and motel carpets.” 

Who is the ultimate Holiday human you’d love to see wearing this collection?

“I love seeing anyone in Holiday but I think if I ever saw Rihanna wear something I would be well and truly shook.” 

Reflecting on everything you’ve achieved with Holiday, what are you most proud of?

“I love making clothes that brighten peoples day, it is satisfying for me to have such a wide offering and range of customers that can enjoy it.”

Photographs by Byron Spencer.