Introducing Emma Mulholland on Holiday Denim. 

Meet your new true forever piece, carefully designed to be the trusted base for your ever-changing style. 

Our Emma Mulholland on Holiday Denim is made in Turkey, using 100% Organic Cotton Indigo wash (OEKOTEX® certified), made using low impact materials and production techniques. We have set out to design pieces that will join your wardrobe for the long run and tread lightly on the environment, before and after purchase.


Our denim is made in Turkey at a manufacturer born with an approach driven by efficiency and sustainability, they are a major investor in renewable energy and environmental protection, including hydroelectric and wind power plants. By using lower impact materials and production techniques our manufacturer is reducing the footprint of their textiles.

By reducing carbon across the entire lifecycle of the denim - using recycled materials with a lower carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency at our facilities and creating products that last longer.

Our Manufacturers are reducing waste, water, energy use and managing the chemicals used in the denim, investing in research to develop innovative fabrics and processes that have a lower environmental impact. This is supported by an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System, with similar ISO certified systems including ISO 50001 to manage energy, ISO 9001 to manage quality and OHSAS 180001 to manage health and safety. 


Our denim is a true forever piece, by working with two classic cuts that have been tried and tested since the beginning of our journey, we have been able to create a piece thats trusted fit is destined to become a staple in your wardrobe.

EM on Holiday Denim has been a year in the making, and the result promises a slice of wardrobe paradise in your search for the fit and look of EM on Holiday favourites, with the convenience and ease of a timeless denim wash. 

We encourage our customer to use the Denim as a versatile base that they can pair with their existing EM on Holiday wardrobe. Encouraging our customers to shop responsibly and purchase outside of trends to curate a slow fashion wardrobe that is wearable and long lasting. By not overproducing we avoid engaging in heavy discounting periods, and stay true to our sustainable fashion ethos.

Our small team takes care with the design to ensure our denim has been produced with the highest quality possible so you will love and wear them for years to come. We always value feedback and are constantly changing and adapting to match our customer needs and reduce our impact.


We have made sure that all employees are paid fairly, and treated well, supported by strong union representation, with starting wages that are 33% higher than the legal minimum wage in Turkey. Working with ILO standards, providing opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security and dignity


  • Water use Waste reduction and management 
  • Chemical use Energy and carbon 
  • Responsible materials Labour rights 
  • Preventing child labour
  • Supply chain management 
  • Trade Unions Health and Safety Research and innovation


    Each EM on Holiday Jean is transported in 100% recycled plastic, this allows us to maintain the quality of our garments while reducing the impact on the planet!


    Less is more when it comes to the longevity of your denim. We recommend allowing the denim to stretch and mold to your body as you wear it, and only wash when absolutely necessary.

    When you do wash - wash the denim inside out, on a gentle cold wash setting!