Carpe Denim!

Introducing our denim capsule collection which will end your world wide search for the perfect pair of jeans - two denim silhouettes based off the much loved Kokomo and Vacation styles.

Launching denim for the first time, after a year of working on the development of these pieces. Shop the pieces now.

We have spent years focusing on the fit and production of our product, continually evolving the shapes and materials to work for the EM on Holiday customers. The result promises a slice of wardrobe paradise in your search for the fit and look of EM on Holiday favourites, with the convenience and ease of a timeless denim wash.

“We always want to create pieces that you love and cherish for years to come. Denim is very versatile and long lasting. We wanted to make a great fitting piece that you can wear for many seasons and pair back with a range of different styles. It will be a great investment for our customers and a nice offering for those who need a staple,”

- Emma Mulholland

Both styles are available in classic blue denim, materials are sustainable 100% Organic Cotton Indigo wash, made using low impact materials and production techniques. We have set out to design pieces that will join your wardrobe for the long run and tread lightly on the environment, before and after purchase. Read more about our denim manufacturing here.

Our new denim are perfect to pair with all your favourite EM on Holiday pieces.

Available now on, and instore by 24th March.

Happy Holidaying! x